I live in beautiful Cooee Bay, Queensland. As my house has been populated with men and man-cubs, a sewing studio was an essential sanctuary and now I work there with my playmate "Lizzie" - a longarm Statler Stitcher named after my favourite literary heroine Elizabeth Bennet.

Hi there!

My name is Terase Munnerley and I am a quilter who passionately believes in the heart warming and healing power of "The Quilt".

​​I have been a quilter for 18 years now and a teacher of patchwork and quilting for 14 years.

So, if you have sad patchwork tops buried in the dark recesses of the cupboard, send them for a holiday with Lizzie and Fran and we will bring them back to life so that they can provide some beauty to your family circle.

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I fall into the 'Fussy Fran' category of quilters (you know the type... I call it meticulous, others call it obsessive-compulsive!) and you can be certain that 'Fran' will be in charge of your quilts too.

Happiness is the goal... if you're happy then we're happy.

And remember... Finished really IS Fabulous!